Which Open Source Platform should I use to develop an Open Data Portal for Liberia and why?

(Carter Draper) #1

I am working with a team to develop the first Open Data Portal for Liberia.
Though we started off with Dkan, but I realized that by asking for recommended platforms through this network would afford us make the right choice.

(Andrew Hoppin) #2

Hello Carter, I do recommend DKAN, but I’m biased because I am part of the team that created DKAN. :slight_smile: Seriously though, we recommend DKAN because a) it is Drupal technology, and there are developers with Drupal skills worldwide, b) it has a full range of content and community management features, in addition to data publishing, and c) it has strong commercial hosting and support options available if you wish (from our company).

Please let us know if we can be helpful to you in your work with DKAN; we offer free community support to Drupal developers working with DKAN here:

And if you would like a commercial software-as-a-service version of DKAN, do get in touch with us here:


(Steven De Costa) #3

My fav is CKAN for a bunch of reasons.

It’s used by massive and internationally significant portals.

Every investment returns a result for those already invested.

It has 100% focus on data management. No distracting influence by trying to be a CMS, a City Dashboard, a decision support system, or anything outside managing data.

But… on top of CKAN, beside it & all around there are a staggering number of diverse ways people have extended its value. CMS intergrations are dead simple plus dashboards and data viz examples are everywhere. You can basically do anything you want with the data found in a CKAN portal.

Yes, professional support is available, but the free community support is awesome.

By selecting CKAN you aren’t deciding on portal technology, you are joining a community that fully embraces openness, participation and collaboration. And it is such a cool group of people, from every corner of the globe.

We’d love for you to join us :slight_smile: