What is the future of online voting in the U.S.?

(Jessica T) #1

Has the Electoral College disillusioned the American electorate? Can technology help improve voter turnout? Is there any way to overcome the security issues associated with online voting?

I’m the producer of new tech/business podcast Predicting Our Future led by serial entrepreneur Andrew Weinreich (inventor of first social network). In a new 3-part series, he explores the future of online voting and interviews a number of experts and entrepreneurs in the space.

You can listen to the first episode here. Would love to hear what you think.

(Augusto Herrmann) #2

In a bit of news not about online voting, but about the somewhat more controllable environment of electronic voting, all e-voting machines from all of the main manufacturers (Diebold, Sequoia, Winvote, etc.) were hacked in minutes at the latest Defcon hacking conference in Las Vegas.

Online voting is an even greater challenge. Getting security and privacy (voter secrecy) right seems to be still far away. Episode 8 of the podcast you suggested appears to tackle that issue more directly. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll definitely give it a listen soon!