What is literature definition of Open Government Data Policy?

(Mohammad hossein Khani) #1

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for literature definition of Open Government Data Policy to use and reference to that in my articles and dissertation.
Do you ever see sth in literature?

Thank you.

(Anirudh Dinesh) #2

You’ve probably already seen this but I think The Open Government Guide has some useful definitions and readings about exactly this.

(Dinorah Cantú-Pedraza) #3

The GovLab’s open data impact website has great resources too:


Definitions, glossaries, repositories, and other resources for further exploring the world of open data

(Mohammad hossein Khani) #4

Hi @anirudh & @dino

Thank you for your answers, but exactly I mean literature definition of “Open Government Data Policy”?

What is Open Government Data Policy? and which aspects and condition does it have?

(J. Albert Bowden) #5

Sunlight Foundation has ongoing work helping define this space, particularly with local and state governments in the United States, with their work in What Works Cities. Their subdomain has a lot of relevant information and links to more.
Full disclosure: I helped on this.

(Mohammad hossein Khani) #6

Thanks, @albert.
Just skim the site. it is a really good and extensive source for either training or researching, which I shared with my colleagues who are studying the subject.
of course, I need more time to read the resources on the site to find my accurate answer.
But I wonder if you are in this project or you know someone inside or not. it would be very great to have even a Persian version of this website even with its Persian kind of resources.
As you know Iran is a beginner in this subject, although our group is struggling to spread and promote the concepts. so, it would be a really big hand to translate this work to Persian.

(J. Albert Bowden) #7

@Mohammad.KH I am not longer involved with What Works Cities, but I can contact the policy team at the Sunlight Foundation. You can also reach out to What Works Cities, as well as GovEx @ Johns Hopkins University.

(Mohammad hossein Khani) #8

Thanks @albert
I’ll contact them via email.