Power sector open data initiatives

(Anirudh Dinesh) #1

Can anyone point me to some interesting open data initiatives in the electric power sector? I’m looking specifically in the Indian context but examples from any other part of the world would be useful too!

(Prianka Srinivasan) #2

You probably already have this, but India’s Electricity Supply Monitoring Initiative (ESMI) is an interesting initiative. It makes energy data publicly available through the website watchyourpower.org, where users can monitor their power supply and compare this with other regions.
Another possibility is the Dutch company Enexis which makes their residential data about gas and electricity energy use (after anonymization) available as part of their Open Data Agenda via its website.
Hope this helps!!

(Anirudh Dinesh) #3

I’m aware of ESMI. Enexis is new to me. Thanks! I’ll check it out!