Open Data for Extractive Industries & Natural Resources Governance

(Maryati Abdullah) #1

Anyone can share the data science model that necessarily utilise in extractive industries and natural resources governance? - which can provide and support strong evidence to reform the policy, help communities to voicing the interest, and raising public awareness to give attention on the extractive and natural resources issues.

(Jana Morgan) #2

This probably doesn’t answer all of your questions, but a few places to start looking to delve into EI data are:

(Prianka Srinivasan) #4

For an American context, The US Extractives Industries Transparency Initiative is a good start. Not a perfect platform, but it combines data from various departments, looking at employment, revenue and tax returns within the industry, which can be useful for public awareness.

This might be outside your purview, but as I am a journalist interested in the extractive industry, the resources at the Global Investigative journalism Network are also of great use. They have links to existing databases and websites concerning the extractive industry. A great wealth of information- I hope you can find what you need there!

Finally, haven’t used this much yet, but came accross – seems like it might be a great resource!!