Open Data for Developing Economies

(Andrew Young) #1

As part of the Open Data for Developing Economies Project (announced here), we are looking for:

  • Existing research on open data in developing economies (which we will add to the Open Government Research Exchange at;

  • Impactful releases and use-cases of open data across various objectives and sectors;

(Bernhard Krabina) #2

Haven’t done research, but some consulting in Macedonia and Georgia (Europe). Might not be your target area, though…

(Andrew Young) #3

HI @krabina, thanks for your response! We are looking to be as geographically representative as possible, so European developing economies would absolutely be in scope. Do you have any additional information on the work you’ve done in Macedonia and Georgie that you could share?


(Bernhard Krabina) #4

In Georgia, I did an Open Government (Data) training for representatives of federal ministries two years ago. It was part of a twinning project (Austria-Georgia).
In Macedonia we have an ongoing project on Open Data. It started in March with an open data workshop for municipalities (workshop organized by Ministry of Information Society and Public Administration). Then we had a mentoring of two ministry representatives in Vienna where we developed a first versio of a Macedonian metadata standard. There should be a follow-up workshop in September, but I don’t have dates yet. They have an Open Data Portal, but don’t have metadata yet:

(Andrew Young) #5

Great, thanks so much for the info! Eager to hear how the workshop in September goes.