Nice ICT use cases by councilwoman/man?

(Andrés Martano) #1


I’m looking for a list of good initiatives made by a councilwoman or councilman using ICTs. I’m not looking for initiatives made by a city Council as a whole (at least not if they can’t be done by a councilor alone). If the initiatives are feminist related the better!

Thanks for the attention!

(Jennifer Moroney-Ward) #2

Me too :slight_smile: hope you find some. I’m doing some interviews with councillors ( most are male too) in Ireland about how they might use smartphones/mobile tech to increase levels of engagement with voters… no one exploiting it well it seems. There seems a gap in the market for public representatives to communicate well with their voters. Most just using social media in Ireland… and not really exploiting that very well either.

(Andrés Martano) #3

Nothing so far… It’s curious how hard it is to find such initiatives…

(Ben Kallos) #4

NYC’s 311 system uses ICT and is upgrading to use IBM Watson for IVR and Search with a Microsoft Dynamics front-end.

Seam Kraft at Open Gov is working with a grant from Twilio on integrating telephony into Congressional Intranet Quorum (made by Lockhead Martin).

NGP VAN the software used by the Democratic Party integrates with the CallFire robo-dialer to connect phone bank results with the state voter file. was built by Andrew Hoppin as CIO has a Drupal front-end and a CiviCRM back-end but no integration into telephony.

Hope this helps.

Ben Kallos
New York City Council Member

(Andrés Martano) #5

Thanks, @BenKallos! And sorry for the late reply. Those are indeed interesting initiatives. :slightly_smiling_face:
But if I fear they aren’t suitable to our local context…

It would be nice to have a database (website) of “good practices”, “nice ICT use cases”, for councilors. That way we could share such initiatives (and source code) across the globe and filter them by the desired objectives and “resources” needed to implement them. Sometimes all you have is the good will of one councilor and a programmer. But even with few resources, a successful initiative can start to change political culture and ICT adoption by politicians in a city.

For example, here, a councilor is trying to create an app that allows women to report abuse cases. I find the initiative interesting since it is more than a simple and generic “talk to your councilor” app (that is starting to become popular around here). But I still think that there is potential for much more, and a database such as I described above would help to inspire new ICT uses and spread them.