List of open data local groups in England

(Hossein Malek) #1

We (exactly me and and other guys) are a group of students and researchers from Iran planning to have a study tour about open data in U.K. in mid March and April, and we are going to connect with active local and civic group and/or governmental organisations in open data and open government that can help us to find how we can help our government to be more transparent, accountable and open.
Do you have any particular list of these types of institutions, organizations or open-data based startups?
If you have a connection please introduce or if you are in these kind of organizations would you please reply and inform us about it.
I am a member of Transparency4Iran, and ODPO, the first data portal for Iran and our goal of these study trip is to find out how UK government become the best.

Thank you
(Sorry if it’s not the right place to ask!)

(Mohammad hossein Khani) #2

we asked this question on OKFN discuss and received some good information: