List of open data and open government book

(Mohammad hossein Khani) #1

Hello there.

Do you have any kind of bibliography for open data, open government data or open government?
it doesn’t matter whether they are printed or online version.
If there is such thing, it would be very great if you share the buy links or their names and profiles or even a download link with me,

Thank you.

(Beth Noveck) #2

We have Selected Readings on topics ranging from open data to data collaboratives to data governance and more easily searchable here. Also you should subscribe to The GovLab weekly digest here: Also follow Alex Howard

(Dinorah Cantú-Pedraza) #3

Another great resource is the Open Governance Research Exchange:

(Mohammad hossein Khani) #4

Hi @beth

Thanks for the selected readings. those are really informative and I will share it with my coworkers and researchers who are connected with us.

It’s been a long time that I joined The Govlab weekly digest and use its articles. In IODC in a short meeting with Mr. Verhulst, I thanked him for the newsletter and also asked the permission to translate them into Persian and share them through our website. Such an amazing newsletter.

We’ll follow Alex’s, too.


(Mohammad hossein Khani) #5

Hey @dino

What a good platform it is. I didn’t see it. Is it started recently?
What’s more is, can we share our Persian research through this platform?

(Dinorah Cantú-Pedraza) #6

Hi @Mohammad.KH happy you liked it :slight_smile:

The platform is one of the products of our research team leaded by Stefaan.

I’m tagging @andrew (project lead of OGRX) to the conversation. He can give you a better answer of you to upload research.

Have a great weekend.

(Mohammad hossein Khani) #7

Hi @dino

Great! Are there any other products more than OGRX and RESOURCES of your research team? any list or catalog maybe?
I’m interested in your works.

Thanks for tagging dear @andrew, I met him at IODC too.

you too dear Dinorah (but,as you know, Saturday is our first day of the week in Iran :slight_smile: )

(Javier Arteaga) #8

Una de las personas que mas conoce sobre Gobierno Abierto en Latinoamérica es Alvaro Ramirez. Este es uno de libros escritos por el PLAN DE GOBIERNO ABIERTO

(Mohammad hossein Khani) #9

Thank you @bienpensado,
Is there any English translation of this book? I’m much more familiar with English.

(Dinorah Cantú-Pedraza) #10

Hi @Mohammad.KH other great resource is the research on open data impact and the case studies we have here.

In that site you can also go to the resource tab and find much more :wink:

(Mohammad hossein Khani) #11

Hi @dino
sorry for my extremely late reply;

we read and translated all the case studies to Persian. They’re so useful for our readers and researchers.
the published ones are available on our website:

Trying to publish them as an e-book, also presenting the case studies in Iran’s national TV.

(Augusto Herrmann) #12

A book I think has been influential in the last years is Civil Servant 2.0: New Ideas and practical tips for working in government 2.0, by Davied van Berlo in 2008, based on the experience with civil service in the Netherlands. The concept of “Web 2.0” went out of fashion as it eventually became the default for everything, but the book is an interesting documentation of how civil service can harness emerging technologies to achieve its mission.

(Kshitiz Khanal) #13

Also go through:

(Augusto Herrmann) #14

For some reason I thought that had already been mentioned before on this topic. Good thing you brought it up!

Here are a few more references:

The World Bank

Open Data Institute

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs


São Paulo - UK cooperation project guides

  • Open Data Guide
  • Semantic Web Guide
  • Open Data Maturity Model Guide
  • Open Data Incentive to Reuse Guide
  • Guidelines for the Adoption of Plain Language

(Mohammad hossein Khani) #15

thanks @augusto
we will publish these resources in Persian, as published some them before, especially which totally translated to Persian (Great thanks to @stefaan )