Is there a Big Data Skills Maturity Model?

(Antonio Moneo Lain) #1

I am creating an Data Experts Community of Practice in my organization. I want to create a skill map of my organization and would like to use an existing Big Data maturity model as a reference. Any suggestions?
Thank you

(Heather Leson) #2

HI Antonio, I really like the Data Maturity model set out by the University of Chicago, Center for Data Science and Public Policy and DataKind.

I’m using it for organizational analysis at IFRC.

Keep me posted on your results

(Beth Noveck) #3

Did you know that there’s a skills questionnaire for Data Science and Open Data on Network of Innovators? Click on Match Me to find the skills questionnaires, which you can use to track your own and get matched to others who know what you don’t. If we can be helpful to you, let us know.

(Bernhard Krabina) #4

there are some curricula of “data scientists” around - they might help developing something like a skill map, e. g.

(Antonio Moneo Lain) #5

Thank you all, I also like the Open Data Institute “Open Data Maturity Model”, which has a section on “Knowledge and Skills”. I will continue looking and hopefully respond with some updates!


(David Pastor-Escuredo) #6

Preliminary research on data ecosystems for development points to the fact that data maturity for business may not be totally aligned with development purposes, but they should be coupled at some points… it is very interesting topic.