IODC 16 Regional Talk North America - Notes

(Maria Hermosilla) #1

Some takeaways of this workshop:

  • Countries are moving towards “going to where people are” with open data. Good examples: in US, which is a data set that correlates education data with income data. Also in Mexico they are using the common alerting protocol. They release the notifications in case of emergencies through the open data site so other providers like Facebook or Twitter can take them and alert people.
  • Canada, US and Mexico are working on how to implement standards for data and improve quality. They are working on data quality guidelines through OGP.
  • Administration changes in countries generate uncertainty in terms of maintaining priority of open data projects and programs. The US is facing enormous uncertainty now, as many of the policies have been done through executive orders and memoranda. There is a need for users, citizens, academia and business to continue pushing for open data.

*What is coming up:

  1. A lot of people are doing work to focus on users and impact. Impact not only on govt services and decrease of corruption, but a wide range of impact: advance entrepreneurship, advance citizen choice, solve public problems.
  2. Data use: feedback loop. Having government become a customer of its own data (using data to improve restaurant inspections) is what we haven’t seen enough of.
  3. Data sharing, and not just open data, is the next generation: sharing data between administrative agencies, criminal justice or health data being shared to improve services.

(Maria Hermosilla) #2

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