IODC '16 Data + Utilities Session Notes

(Anirudh Dinesh) #1

Open data is being used effectively to improve the delivery of services such as flight safety, meteorological forecasts, water policy etc. The data for these is available but needs to be standardised and in a reusable format. Both the supply and demand side needs to be fostered to make use of this data efficiently to improve services.
You should check out some of these cool projects that were mentioned at this session by the speakers!

  • Open SolarMap, France: Crowdsourcing and neural network to produce an open solarmap in france. Using the power of crowdsourcing + AI to assess the potential capacity for solar panels on rooftops.

  • Water Point Data Exchange: Standardizes collection of open data about water points.

Do you know of any other interesting projects using open data to improve services?