IODC '16 Data + Emerging Economies Session Notes

(Anirudh Dinesh) #1

Some of the key takeaways from the interactive discussion on open data and emerging economies led by @stefaan:

  • Impact of open data on the economic development of the country is a big consideration of emerging economies.
  • National Statistics Agencies need to be mentioned more? Why aren’t they mentioned more?
  • Need more focus on data literacy (which needs to be defined as appreciating that data can be used to have meaningful impact to ordinary people). Common citizens are creative and will use data effectively if we engage them.
  • Focus on solutions for specific sectors.
  • For scalability, we must look at the demand side more.

Have you checked out the GovLab’s project on Open Data in Developing Economies? Please share any interesting open data projects that you’ve seen creating an impact in developing economies!