IODC '16 Data + Disaster Management Session Notes

(Anirudh Dinesh) #1

The key takeaways from the panel were:

  • There is a need to link the informal efforts at using open data to the more formal efforts carried out by government and big NGOs in order for open data to have a big impact. ( Look at Dar Ramani Huria- Open Street Mapping in Tanzania )
  • Disaster risk data should be open by default, accessible, licensed and documented, co-created and communicated in ways that meets needs of diverse users. ( Check out Think Hazard! ).
  • Open data can, and needs to be, used to identify risks BEFORE the disaster strikes.

Does any one know of examples of open data use in low capacity environments?

(Beth Noveck) #2


Would be great if we could get the speakers to post their slides here and to make themselves available for questions. Thanks

(Innocent Maholi) #3

Hi all, please find my presentation on Ramani Huria here. For any question, use my email address

(Anirudh Dinesh) #4

Thank you @innocent for a great session and for sharing this resource!

(Innocent Maholi) #5

I’m changing the access settings, will share a new link.

(Innocent Maholi) #6

Sorry, this new link is great and open for anyone. Please use this one. Thanks

(Anirudh Dinesh) #7

Yup! It works! Thank you again!

(Bibhusan Bista) #8


You can access my slides here


(Anirudh Dinesh) #9

Thank you @bibhusan. Great resource!

(Anirudh Dinesh) #10

Thanks for sharing this slide deck @vivien!