How to measure the impact of your Open Data project

(Jose Garcia) #1

I’ve been listened on a Open Data conference “We have this great project it definitively will affect the society” but then got to the point where they can’t find a feasible way to track or measure the social impact of the project.

Also since the answer for that question will come also from the Open Data for how long should I wait for the answer? In the meantime should I focus on another project if there is any?

(Kshitiz Khanal) #2

Hello Jose,

This is a recurring issue in Open Data conversations. The problem is same in almost all of the development sector. Please refer to some of these articles for better clarity:

(Beth Noveck) #3

@pasafasoru Dear Jose, A few additional resources in brief.

Here’s a link to work by Julia Keseru on evaluating the impact of Open Data.

Here’s the Common Assessment Framework jointly developed by various parties:

There’s a community that meets to discuss open data research every year.

In addition to the various rubrics for measuring the comprehensiveness and quality of data or the availability of certain datasets necessary in a democracy (e.g. the President’s tax returns) or to solve particular problems (e.g. public spending and contracting data that’s essential for reducing corruption in public procurement), ultimately, I believe, the metrics need to focus on the problem you are trying to solve. The open data is the means to the end. We should keep our focus on improving people’s lives, whether the strength of democracy or the cost of healthcare or access to education and look at open data’s role in enabling those goals.


(Jose Garcia) #4

Hi Beth,

Thank you for your feedback!

I’ll look into the articles to have a better understanding, was a pleasure meeting you and will look forward for a future topic of conversation.


(Augusto Herrmann) #5

Hi, Beth.

I also read about this in Natália Mazotte’s account of your talk at Abrelatam/Condatos 2017 (in Portuguese). Couldn’t agree more.

Hello, Jose.

I would also direct you towards The Govlab’s own and also the Center for the Open Data Enterprise’s Open Data Impact Map.