Have you ever been to Transparency Camp in Washington DC?

(Maria Hermosilla) #1


I’m thinking of attending Transparency Camp in DC in September (details at https://transparencycamp.org/about/)

I am looking for people who have attended before and your opinion on this event.


(Federico Rey) #2

No. Can you share with us the relevant of the camp?

(Maria Hermosilla) #3

Hi Paul

Transparency Camp is organized by the Sunlight Foundation (which is a relevant open gov foundation focused on transparency) and seems to bring together a good group of people each year related to the field. The link is in my first post if you want to check it out.

It is in an unconference format, so attendees decide on the agenda. I was curious to know how that worked out. But I’ve never been there before so I really don’t have any more information than what I’ve read online.

(J. Albert Bowden) #4

I attended the last two, and was involved in the early stages of coordination for the next TCamp, which is actually this week in Cleveland.
full disclosure: I used to work at Sunlight.

Sorry for only seeing this now, as it certainly doesn’t help you with deciding if you want to go.
Do you still have questions about TCamp?

(Maria Hermosilla) #5

thanks @albert for your response. No more questions, I hope you have a great event.
I finally made plans for this week in Spain post IODC so I won’t be back in the US until next week.

(J. Albert Bowden) #6

np. its actually going on this moment! but i’m in DC, lurking from afar. IODC? sounds like you’re busy enough. enjoy.