Funding Civic-focused Work

(Ryan Wold) #1

I thought this group would a good place to ask about the funding of civic-focused efforts.

I spent 10 years in the public sector doing focused work for different causes and groups.
During my experience, I discovered many opportunities to break down silos that would yield better outcomes for public agencies and citizens alike. I sought to do public-focused work, but on more independent terms and have found it challenging, to say the least.

I’m wondering: Where does funding exist for cross-cutting civic work? Who are advocates and leaders in the space that would be interested in new tools and processes for citizens? Who might be interested in collaborating to explore some ideas and approaches?

(Steven De Costa) #2

Hi Ryan,
This is an area of interest for me too :slight_smile: I’d be happy to do aa call and talk through what I’ve learnt over the last five years but as I’ve been based in Australia all of that time I wouldn’t say I’ve been close to any funding sources that have proved helpful.

My company, Link Digital, has sought funding via clients to do R&D style work, or to contribute to projects like CKAN to advance it’s technical roadmap, but this approach has been difficult, to say the least (also) :wink:

More general innovation and research grants are now been pursued via a variety of Australian schemes, so we’ll know how this approach goes over the next few months.

We also have at least one new client who is ‘funded’ via international programs so we expect to collaborate and partner with them to help grow mutual opportunities where they are identified. If this works well, then I think we’d look to form similar partnerships over time.

As for the general funding opportunities through organisations like Omidyar we aren’t currently setup with an NGO status, so are pretty much excluded from these options (for now at least).

Just PM me if you’d like to setup a time to chat. I’m on central european time :slight_smile:


(Arthur ) #3

Maybe this could help, in the Civic Tech Field Guide there’s a section that lists Fellowships: