Examples of engaging younger generation to the tax spending discussion?

(Zane Asami) #1

Hi, can anybody please share some of the examples of initiatives that successfully and constructively (important!) engage younger generation to political discussions?

I am running a civic tech group in Japan and I am experiencing a huge lack of interest in politics in general. The average voting rate for 20-something is 30% while the same of the people over 70 is 60%.
Some say that young people are not interested in city budgets because their social basis is not based on zip codes but usually the school, the company, or friends who live in different areas.
This does make sense to some extent but they are still paying their tax money to the city where they live.
Moreover, increasingly, government money is being spent on elderly care at the expense of cutting down education budget, because that is where the vote is coming from.

I feel like this might be too broad of a question but I would love to get some inspiration.

I heard about You Choose (http://youchoose.esd.org.uk/redbridge2012) in the UK and Open North (www.opennorth.ca/) in Canada. They are amazing initiatives and I would love to know if there have been any tangible results.

(Steven Clift) #2

How many people do you hope to engage? And how representative do you want/need them to be on the actual population in the age range (socio-demographics,geography, etc.)

Where will the output of that engagement go? (You need to motivate participants.)

If you had no budget but lots of time and energy, where would you “go” to engage younger people where they are online?

If you had a “big” budget what seems most important to invest in? (Outreach, tech, implementation/advocacy on results, etc.?)

Anyway, I do know that Estonia has been studying this topic - but more focused on youth work. Ask your Japanese embassy there to help you make some connections perhaps.

Something older on the huge Civic Tech Facebook Group. Why don’t you ask that group your questions.


Hi, have you considered the use of emergent technologies, such as Blockchain and Conversational Systems, to engage millennial population in a more familiar environment (i.e. social media, mobile phone)?