Does anyone know of strong examples of platforms that enable citizens to create their own proposals and present them to legislatures?

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I am currently working on a case study about CrowdLaw initiatives that facilitate this process (such as Decide Madrid) and I am looking for examples. Platforms at the municipal or national level are welcome.

(Ryan Wold) #2 comes to mind.

Happy to chat about either. I worked on the SpeakUp product as well as e-Comments.

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These are great insights, thank you very much for your input. I would welcome the opportunity to talk more in-depth about these initiatives as well. What’s the best way to get in touch?

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Happy to chat. works.
Catch ya soon!

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In terms of which City has the most progressive use of participatory democracy, it might be Reykjavik.

“Better Reykjavík is an online consultation forum where citizens are given the chance to present their ideas on issues regarding services and operations of the City of Reykjavík. Anyone can view the open forum and registered users who approve the terms of participation can participate in the forum.”

“The City of Reykjavík commits itself to formally address the ideas presented on Better Reykjavík in the following manner: Each month, the five top rated ideas are processed in the appropriate standing committee.”

The platform is supported by a nonprofit called Citizens Foundation:

Here’s an overview of their work:

And a recent interview with them:

Their open source software is on GitHub:

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In addition to Decide Madrid, here are the open source, participatory platforms Ive found so far: (Reykjavík, Iceland) (Tallinn, Estonia) (Buenos Aires, Argentina) (Barcelona, Spain)

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And I don’t know if these citizen participation platforms are open source: (Brazil) (Taiwan) (Australia)