Does anyone have a good example of how to document open data use cases?

(Beth Noveck) #1

To understand the likely impact (ROI) of opening data, it’s important to document who the potential users are, what they want the data for, how they will use it and why. It’s one thing to write case studies after the fact but does anyone have good experience with documenting the value proposition prior to opening data?


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@jmorgan @sid I think you both have tools to contribute. Would love to hear from you!

(Ivan Begtin) #3

Hi @beth

I have not document, but experience with documenting opendata impact in Russia. We measured social and economic effect by revenue of companies that re-use opendata as core part of the business. We used public datasets of Russian corporate entities to find yearly revenues of companies that sell services based on open procurement data in Russia.

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(J. Albert Bowden) #4

certainly not definitive, but the W3C has a template for creating new use cases data here:
Use Cases - Data on the Web Best Practices

How to make sure open contracting data gets used: A guide to defining the use case

This document is policy oriented, but still relative to the issue(s):
Open Data Policy Guidelines - Sunlight Foundation