Do you know any civic engagement platforms or open gov initiatives focused on helping inmigrants in cities?

(Carolina Pozo) #1

We are currently designing reporting and collaborative platform to help immigrants get the help, information, and connections they need require to make their transition and adaptation process easier- and promote citizen-led inclusion initiatives.

(Augusto Herrmann) #2

Hi, Carolina.

I do not know of any existing initiatives, but I can imagine a few resources that would be helpful:

  • information on free or subsidized language courses or programs to help them overcome the language barrier
  • information on how to obtain the necessary documentation to keep regular their legal situation
  • a network of individual skills and CVs to them help find jobs and maybe help employers find someone with the right profile to recruit

Any material should be included in the most common languages that immigrants are likely to be native speakers of. If there are no resources for translation maybe an initiative to use voluntaries in an online platform (e.g. Transifex) could work.

(Greg Bloom) #3

Check out the Immigration Advocates Network in the US and in Canada…

(Julienne Chen) #4

This article may have some useful leads for you, centred around efforts to support refugees and migrants in Europe:, as well as worthwhile reflection at the end on the limits of these types of tools.

(Diego Álvarez) #5

One more: