Data+Cities I Session Notes

(Batu Sayici) #1
  • Hyperlocal content may be key to close the loop on citizen engagement with open data.

  • City Data portals should eventually be owned by the communities, not by city councils.

  • Knowledge of communities below and around cities must not get lost. Avoid ‘metrocentricism’ to capture full potential. (Andy Dickinson)

  • Data has to be used for shaping policies, but therein lies the challenge.

  • If Smart-city KPIs are the answer, what is the question? (Daniel Sarasa Funes)

MobilityLabs Madrid is providing a virtual space for the exchange of mobility information in which developers and journalists can provide data or extract information using the resources available via the platform. (Sergio Fernandez Balaguer)

Jakarta open data initative treats citizens as user & producer of data - collecting & providing real time information & feedback for public service. (Dinita Andriani Putri)

Do you know of other cities who are starting to capture the full potential of open data?