Crowdsourcing how would developed countries helps the underdeveloped countries?

(Abu Solomon Tarawalie) #1

I sometimes ponder, why so difficult for most developed countries around the world especially when the internet has improved much innovations on sourcing funds for example, online students from Africa finds it very hard to get financial aid, filling the form some critical areas like on telephone numbers, they will tell you how many digits. How will this work for us in Africa? I can now see the differences of the Universal Jurisprudence from countries and constitutions? I believe in the United Nations principles on Human Rights, freedoms of people from race, region and country. Making the world a better place for everyone on earth planet. I think, an open data is good for every one of us.
I thank you all.

(J. Albert Bowden) #2

If you can be more specific it would help me to flesh out more detailed response(s)…
It sounds like you are asking how can we build web/tools and/or leverage crowd sourcing to make the web more usable to those with bad connections/limited plans/older technologies…is that correct?
I concur with your beliefs, and I also believe that internet access is a human right.

(Abu Solomon Tarawalie) #3

Hi Albert, thanks for your quick response, it is with my pleasure on us building web/tools and to make the web more affordable, that can help the helpless, no man stands alone.
Yes, the right to education is for all.