Can you help us gather feedback on the world of Open Data?

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The State of Open Data is an ambitious research project designed to reflect on 10 years of community action, and review the capacity of open data to address social and economic challenges across a variety of sectors, regions, and communities. The project is funded by the International Research Centre under the Open Data for Development (OD4D) initiative, and will be developed in close collaboration with the OD4D network. In the spirit of the OD4D, work on this project is intended to be transparent, inclusive, and gender balanced.

The main goal of this research is to learn in order to shape the future of open data based on information and evidence gathered from the community. With more than 30 individual authors, an Editorial Board, and a development methodology that allows for flexibility and community feedback, The State of Open Data will bring multiple points of view to the final publication.

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We aspire to have an open research process. We are looking for input on our Environment scans so we can get a better picture on the space. Can you help us by comment on our scans?

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