Can you help our crowdsourced #socinn Declaration reach its critical target?

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Good afternoon everyone!

I’m looking for your support in getting the word out about an EU policy declaration (The Lisbon Declaration of Social Innovation) that’s been crowdsourced with people working in social innovation from more than 19 EU countries:

For the past months, Social Innovation Community (SIC) - a network project that aims to strengthen and connect innovators working in the public, private and social sectors - has led on- and offline consultations to understand what the greatest policy barriers are that prevent social innovators (a term we’re using to broadly describe people and organisations innovating for public benefit) from creating a bigger impact.

Our crowdsourced #SIDeclaration reflects input from over 350 actors from >19 EU countries. It reflects their wish to put openness, democratization and inclusivity at the heart of innovation - core values that we want European policymakers to follow as they negotiate the new EU budget and programming. And it recognises the contribution of civil society, non-state actors, local communities and mainstream innovators in addressing challenges that matter to Europe’s people, such as climate change.

We have published our Declaration here and are collecting endorsements for it.

Critically, I need support from people like you to make this Declaration more visible, and to collect vital signatures for it…

On the 6th of November, my SIC colleagues and I will present it to representatives from the European Commission and the French and Portuguese governments at the Web Summit in Lisbon. We need to signal to them that the Declaration has the support of innovators everywhere.

I would be incredibly grateful to any of you who can take 2 minutes to sign the Declaration. You can also share news about it with your network on social media using this link above and the hashtag #SIDeclaration

Finally, if you’d like to find out more about it or are interested in partnering with us on the #SIDeclaration please get in touch!

Thank you in advance,
Sophie Reynolds (Senior Policy Researcher, Nesta UK - on behalf of the SIC consortium)

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