[Book] Data and Goliath

(Arnaud SAHUGUET) #1

Great book by Bruce Schneier about our data society.

Selected quotes from the book

I realized that I had been thinking about the refrigerator backwards: it’s not a refrigerator with a computer, it’s a computer that keeps food cold.
Surveillance is the business model of the Internet for two primary reasons: people like free, and people like convenient.
The NSA didn’t build a massive Internet eavesdropping system from scratch. It noticed that the corporate world was already building one, and tapped into it.
We need laws that force companies to collect the minimum data they need and keep it for the minimum time they need it, and to store it more securely than they currently do. As one might expect, the German language has a single word for this kind of practice: Datensparsamkeit.

I really liked

We need information fiduciaries.


Data is the pollution problem of the information age, and protecting privacy is the environmental challenge.