Are there any organizations (besides Foundation Center) that would be interested in a closing foundation's lifetime grantmaking data?

(Anna Bialas) #1

We are a foundation that is closing this year, and we would love to share our lifetime’s worth of grantmaking data so that grantmakers and foundations in the future might learn from our history. Foundation Center provides a popular service for philanthropists to report their data, but they do not accept data that is older than a few years old and would not host any data after a foundation has closed. Does anybody know of another organization that would be interested in our data?

(Beth Noveck) #2

Our colleagues at Grantcraft or, depending on the type of funding you do, perhaps IATI will know. I will ask them to reply here and, in the meantime, can you tell us what area you fund in?

(Jen Bokoff) #3

Hi Anna! Jen Bokoff from Foundation Center’s Knowledge Services/GrantCraft team here! Thanks for thinking of Foundation Center; I want to just clarify that we can do for you.

We can indeed accept all data and can process it, though historical data before 2006 won’t show up in our regular subscription products, but would be available for custom apps and APIs. There would be a fee depending on how far back the data goes and what your goals are, but we absolutely can help! feel free to shoot me an email ( and I’ll make sure the right person gets back to you.

(Stephen Midgley) #4

If you want the data to be available to the public for a long period, you could also post it to a data collection at the Internet Archive. If you do this please use a very standard and simple data format like csv and include the data field descriptions as well as descriptive overview in a plain text file.

IA would probably offer some assistance in this too. This wouldn’t be a replacement to the offer above but a long term supplement.