Anyone works with or knows cases of innovation in Health care services and policies using design-based approaches (such as Service Design, Design Thinking and Strategic Design methods)?

(Aline Alonso) #1

Hi all,
I am developing a research about the impact of design methods in partnership with the Service Design Network ( And we will publish a Health Sector report in November.
Our objective is to build an overview of the design approaches’ impact on health services all over the world and evaluate the maturity of design in different countries. The focus areas are digitisation and e-health, community building, capability building, cultural and organisational change, and policymaking.
We have an online survey (, and we are also looking for case studies and interviewees, that work on the field or commissioned designers for healthcare projects. Can you help?

Thank you very much in advance. Looking forward for your input!

(Sarah Welsh) #2


Thank you so much for your note – this is really interesting and useful work. I shared this feedback with the SDN as well, but the process for downloading the Impact Report PDF is not at all user friendly! Just FYI. Thanks again and best of luck.