Any platforms or tools that combine multiple data sources (open-data, commercial, sensor, social media etc) for government use?

(Zeynep Engin) #1

I am trying to put together a data facility specifications report that will support local & regional governments in planning decisions. We would like to bring together all different datasets available (Geolocation, economic, demographic, sensory, citizen generated etc.) from different sources (official statistics, commercial, sensors, social data etc.) in one platform and looking for example cases on this. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

(julia Lane) #2

Take a look at

And also the prototype administrative records data facility being built jointly by NYU and Uchicago with the Census Bureau (email me at for more information about that)

(Zeynep Engin) #3

Thanks, this is very useful. I will email you on this.

(Charlie Vayas) #4

Hello Everyone,

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You can also take a look at MiQuito. What we did here was to create a participatory board where citizens could discuss projects, their implementation, or propose new ideas- based either on Quito’s Open data platform, emerging social issues, or social media discussions.

(Zeynep Engin) #5

Thank you - very useful.

(J. Albert Bowden) #6

Citygram combines many sources and lets users tap into the pulse of their localities. In my opinion, its the benchmark for all localities to set their sights on.

(Zeynep Engin) #7

Great - very useful again. I will look into this more closely.
Would you be able to suggest any contact names in relation to this project?

(J. Albert Bowden) #8

names…not off the top of my head. but its repository is under code for america’s github account. you’ll see names and organizations there. off the top of my head, nyc, chattanooga and charlotte are two cities that have implemented it. link to repository:

(Lea Gorgulu webb) #9

We do that. You can contact my partner Kal Ahmed, at See one of our products for doing what I think you want (bringing together all sorts of datasets) at

Hope to see you around.

(J. Albert Bowden) #10

Data.World is a social platform for open dataset exploration, collaboration, and more
Not exactly what I think you are asking for, but I’m really pumped that its adding a social element.

(J. Albert Bowden) #11

Baltimore has implemented OutcomeStat to set goals and measure their progress. Looks really interesting!

(Zeynep Engin) #12

Thanks all for these useful suggestions.